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Power BI Challenges Now On Its 9th Leg

We’ve started the 9th leg of our Power BI Challenges, this time focusing on currency conversion. There’s so much conversation within the Enterprise DNA Forum on this topic that we decided it’s about time we dedicate a challenge to it. As you probably know, we aim to keep things interesting by highlighting different industries every

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October Update From Enterprise DNA

Another huge month for us at Enterprise DNA. We have really ramped up our release schedule for many initiatives we’ve been working on. Release Of Our Brand New Application Called The Analyst Hub For some time now we’ve been talking about a brand new web-based app that we have been developing to work side-by-side Power BI development within organisations.  We are building the

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Enterprise DNA Update – September, 2020

A New Monthly Wrap Up From Enterprise DNA  This is the start of a new monthly review that we plan to do at Enterprise DNA for the foreseeable future.  We thought it was a good idea to start detailing a lot of the fantastic initiatives that are happening within our platform and the wider Enterprise DNA group.  This month we saw several exciting updates to a number of areas of

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Power BI Showcase – Insurance, Client Satisfaction & Optical Data Reports

Power BI Showcase – Insurance, Client Satisfaction and Optical Data Reports

Our Power BI Showcase has always proven how useful Power BI can be across different industries. In fact, we’ve launched 3 new showcases that give fresh insights, especially if you’re in the optical, insurance and client care sectors. The Enterprise DNA Power BI Showcases are amazing tools you can use in real-life scenarios. Here are

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6th Power BI Challenge, A Huge Success

Now that we’re on our 6th leg of the Power BI Challenge, we’re seeing more creative entries, making the job of picking a winner even tougher for the Enterprise DNA Team. If you’ve been following or participating in our Power BI Challenge, then you’ll see that every run covers a different industry. This time, we

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