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Gestalt Principles In Design

Gestalt Principles In Design - Enterprise DNA

Today, I will discuss one by one the several main Gestalt principles in design such as proximity, closure, continuation, figure, and ground. Gestalt Principles In Design | Proximity Proximity occurs when elements are placed close to each other. The closer they are, the more related they appear. This Gestalt principle is among the first principles

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Gestalt Principles: Understanding Its Importance In Report Design

Gestalt Principles Understanding Its Importance - Enterprise DNA

The aim of the Gestalt principles of design is to understand how humans typically gain meaningful perceptions from chaotic stimuli around them. To become a good designer, we need to understand and use the power of psychology in visual perception. How does someone react to a design when they see it? How does our mind

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Microsoft Power Automate Desktop: How To Automatically Launch A New Browser

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop How To Automatically Launch A New Browser - Enterprise DNA

In today’s blog, I’m going to discuss a useful Microsoft Power Automate desktop function. It’s one of the functions that you’ll use if you do any kind of web automation within Power Automate desktop. This function is called the Launch new browser. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of

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SharePoint Platform: Social Networking Features

In this tutorial, we’re going to discuss the different social networking features of the SharePoint platform. This includes comments, alerts, and the SharePoint start page. These features will aid the people in your organization in noticing important information and recent changes. Additionally, they will have the ability to access the notifications in one place for

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R Scripting For Power BI Using RStudio

R Scripting For Power BI Using RStudio - Enterprise DNA

In this blog, we’re going to go through the basics of R scripting for Power BI using RStudio. The RStudio is used for creating statistical computations and graphics that are in line with data analysis and research. It’s a great tool for coding because it is an integrated development environment (IDE). This means it has

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