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Power BI And Excel: Difference In DAX Formulas

In this blog, I will quickly discuss the main difference between Power BI DAX and Excel formulas. I’ll show you some examples to help you see this better. I’m going to use the data that I used in the previous blog that tackled the differences between Measures and Calculated Columns. You may watch the full

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Create A Lookup Table From Subtotals: Optimization In Power BI

In this tutorial, we’ll go through a technique that will create a lookup table from subtotals using the query editor in Power BI. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. This is most useful when we’re getting data out of Microsoft Excel because most of its data

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Want A Data Driven Culture? Why Power BI Should Be Your Tool Of Choice

For years I’ve heard and listened to all the marketing buzz around how businesses could develop data driven cultures. With so many data visualisation tools now pushing the same message, how can you evaluate what has worked and will work in your own business environment? Many of the tools have gone on to have quite

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