Tag: Power BI Visualization Technique

Power BI Small Multiples Visual – New Feature


This blog highlights the Power BI small multiples, which is a new visual feature. At first, I personally really didn’t like it. But when I tried to explore it in detail, I was surprised by what it can do. Although there are some small limitations, the Power BI small multiples is a very good feature

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Power BI Tooltips On Report Images


With the recent Power BI challenges that we run in Enterprise DNA, I’ve become a huge fan of the Power BI tooltips. I’ve seen them being used in so many ways and they just add so much value to your reports and insights that you can show in a really compelling way. In this tutorial,

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Bookmarks In Power BI – Grouping by Report Page


I’m going to show you how I utilize bookmarks in Power BI. For example, if I have multiple bookmarks throughout the pages of my report, I’m going to demonstrate how I group them and organize them in a fashion to make it easier to navigate between each one of those bookmarks. I got this idea

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Visualization Ideas To Show Client Growth Through Time


I want to show you a cool technique, bringing together DAX measures and some visualization ideas. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to highlight the trajectory of a client performance through time. I’ll visualize it in a way that you can easily see how a client or customer moved from one group to another

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Creating A Visual Tooltip In Power BI


I’m going to show you my most favorite visualization idea around tooltip in Power BI. I saw it demonstrated really well in a Power BI challenge submission and I just want to show you how far you can take it. It’s not that difficult at all and it can add so much value to your

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