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Enterprise DNA Upcoming Courses for 2021

Enterprise DNA Upcoming Courses

The Enterprise DNA community has grown significantly over the last year and we know that the value we deliver in terms of content and resources is one of the top reasons. That’s why this year, we’re delivering even more relevant courses that we know will push every member to master even more Power BI techniques

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Stock Quote App – Dynamic, Fast & Easy In Power BI

Stock Quote App - Dynamic, Fast & Easy In Power BI

In this blog, I’ll show you how to create a dynamic stock quote app in Power BI. This interesting technique came out from a post in the Enterprise DNA forum. The member wanted to know how we go about starting with online data and pulling that into Power BI and then analyzing it from there

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Bookmarks In Power BI – Grouping by Report Page


I’m going to show you how I utilize bookmarks in Power BI. For example, if I have multiple bookmarks throughout the pages of my report, I’m going to demonstrate how I group them and organize them in a fashion to make it easier to navigate between each one of those bookmarks. I got this idea

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Power BI Unpivot Columns – Power Query Tutorial

This is a tutorial about Power BI unpivot columns. I’m going to show you how to unpivot multiple column combinations. This is part of an unpivot variation series, which is all about turning your data into a proper tabular format that is suitable for analysis. Most transformations can be performed using the user interface. The

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Power BI Power Query: Removing Duplicate Rows

In this blog, I’ll show you how to remove duplicate rows in the Power BI Power Query based on conditions. This example is from a question that was raised on the Enterprise DNA Forum. The member has transactional data and wants to remove rows that cancel each other out. There are two distinct transactional types,

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