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Enterprise DNA Business Intelligence Summit, Coming Soon – November 2020

Enterpise DNA Learning Summit is now rebranded and will be called Enterprise DNA Business Intelligence Summit. We’ll have this free quarterly event again this November and we’re expecting a large turnout and have some exciting sessions planned. Already we now have close to 1000 Power BI users registered to join. There will be plenty of

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Create A Delimited List In Power Query – Query Editor Tutorial

I’m going to show you how to create a delimited list using the Power Query. I came across this question in the Enterprise DNA Forum where a member wanted to create a list of products that each distinct customer bought. This can be easily done via the Power Query. How to Create a Delimited List

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Calculate Days Of Zero Stock – Power BI Inventory Management Insights

Calculate Days Of Zero Stock - Inventory Management Insights wPower BI

I’m going to go over a unique piece of analysis here concerning Power BI Inventory Management. This idea came from a query on the Enterprise DNA support forum. The member wanted to work out how many days there were when the inventory was at zero. This is going to be based on stock movement data.

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How To Master Power BI Analysis With Business Analytics Week

Enterprise DNA understands the importance of accuracy when it comes to business analytics and, for this reason, we are bringing you a new advanced analysis event called Business Analytics Week to help you master the way you translate market trends and consumer insights into actionable insights. Business Analytics Week Business Analytics Week is a free

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Advanced Product Budgeting – Actual Results To Budgets Per Product

I’m going to go over something specific in product budgeting. It’s quite advanced but if you can understand the concepts and the techniques that I go through here, you’ll also have a good understanding of what Power BI can do, how DAX works, and how you can combine a lot of different functions to get

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