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Why Your Total Is Incorrect – A Key Power BI Concept

Why Your Total Is Incorrect In Power BI - The Key DAX Concept To Understand

I want to dive into one key Power BI concept that could be causing incorrect totals. Although there are different scenarios, there is a simple way to fix this problem. The key thing is understanding why the total is incorrect. Sample Data Using Total Revenue For this example, I have the Total Revenue for every

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How To Use Iterating Functions To Fix Total Issues In Power BI – DAX Concepts

How To Use Iterating Functions To Solve Total Issues In Power BI - DAX Concepts

I’m going to show you today how to use iterating functions when you’re trying to fix Total issues in Power BI. When I go through the questions posted on the Enterprise DNA support forum for members, I see a lot of people having issues with the Totals they get on their report regardless if they’re

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Fixing Incorrect Totals Using DAX Measures In Power BI

Getting totals correct inside Power BI reports can sometimes be the most frustrating thing when utilizing DAX measures. You might probably get into certain situations where your Totals for DAX measures aren’t adding up the way you want them to.  DAX measures can be based on standard aggregation functions, such as COUNT or SUM. These

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Running Totals In Power BI Using DAX

Sometimes calculating running totals in Power BI is a far better away to analyse trends than just looking at actual results on a daily basis. That’s why I’m going to show you in this example how you can implement a running total calculation which is dynamic, and flows and integrates well with the rest of

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