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DAX Power BI Tutorial On Report Transparency

Developing Report Transparency Using DAX Formulas - Enterprise DNA

For this blog post, I will be moving on to the last part of my series on report transparency. The first part of this series talks about layout design, while the second part deals with navigation. I would like to move on to the next part of our series, which will be a DAX Power

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Report Visualization Framework In Power BI | Part 3

Report Visualization Framework In Power BI Part 3 - Enterprise DNA

In today’s blog post, we’ll continue with our series on our enhanced report visualization frameworks for Power BI, and discuss the last three remaining items, which is selecting the right visual, condensing information, and using templates. Prior to this, we discussed the importance of using a grid format, as well as the importance of colors,

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Create Power BI Reports With These Techniques & Examples

For today’s blog, I want to walk through a couple of amazing reports and share some of the tips I have around how to work out and create Power BI reports like these. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. The reports that I will review have

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Dashboard In Power BI: Best Design Practices

Dashboard In Power BI- Best Design Practices

In this tutorial, you’ll learn some fundamental design practices that can help you tell a better data-driven story for your dashboard in Power BI. Power BI dashboards are used to communicate insights. It tells a story through visualizations. Therefore, it is vital to have the proper data visualization to efficiently highlight the insights for your

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Power BI Interactive Reports: Navigation And Bookmarks

Power BI Interactive Reports- Navigation And Bookmarks

Page navigation is important in Power BI reports to leverage performance and user experience. On the other hand, bookmarks let you save the currently configured views and settings in your reports. In this tutorial, I’ll discuss how to get navigation ideas for your Power BI interactive reports. I’ll also explain how to create and manage your

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