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Power BI Template Creation: Guide & Tips

Power BI Template Creation Guide & Tips - Enterprise DNA

Today, you will learn how to create your perfect Power BI template file that is configured to your preferences and settings. This will save you 20 to 30 minutes every time you start up a Power BI report and will make Power BI work exactly the way you want it to. You can watch the full

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Template In Power BI: Using A Prebuilt To Load DMV Results

Template In Power BI Using A Prebuilt To Load DMV Results - Enterprise DNA

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to load the results of a dynamic management view (DMV) using a prebuilt template in Power BI. This template is created by Brett Powell from Insight Quest. You can download the file from the GitHub repository. Once the download is finished, open the file. You need to input the

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Dashboard Layout Design Techniques

Dashboard Layout Design Techniques - Enterprise DNA

Today, we are starting a series on the practical steps that we can do to improve report design, report transparency, and the end user experience. For the first part of this series on developing report transparency, I will be focusing on basic but effective techniques on dashboard layout design that can be easily implemented in

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Make Power BI Report Templates With PowerPoint

Make Power BI Report Templates With PowerPoint - Enterprise DNA

For today’s blog post, we are continuing our series on creating Power BI report templates. Let’s keep in mind that we are not designing anything in Power BI, but we are using PowerPoint to make our reports look better. You can check out the first part of our series here. The next part of this

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Report Visualization Framework In Power BI | Part 3

Report Visualization Framework In Power BI Part 3 - Enterprise DNA

In today’s blog post, we’ll continue with our series on our enhanced report visualization frameworks for Power BI, and discuss the last three remaining items, which is selecting the right visual, condensing information, and using templates. Prior to this, we discussed the importance of using a grid format, as well as the importance of colors,

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