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Cumulative Totals Based On Monthly Average Results In Power BI

Today, I wanted to cover a unique technique around cumulative totals based on monthly average results in Power BI. To set the date range for the calculation of monthly average results, we will be using a date slicer. A Power BI slicer is an alternative for filtering which narrows the portion of the dataset shown in

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How To Use SWITCH True Logic In Power BI

When utilizing SWITCH/True Logic inside Power BI, you really do open up this huge expanse of analytical opportunities. In this tutorial, I’ll run through how you need to set up your formulas when using the SWITCH function. This will enable you to find, discover, and visualize many different and interesting insights within Power BI. There

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Power BI Shape Map Visualization For Spatial Analysis

The Shape Map Visualization is probably my most favorite map visualization inside Power BI. I think it blends in reports and dashboards well. It actually looks a lot better on a report than if you just use the standard map feature. It also has other great visualization features like Drill In, Drill Out and ways

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Customer Segmentation Techniques Using The Data Model – Power BI & DAX

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to do customer segmentation techniques via the data model in Power BI. Sometimes your raw data will not have all the information you require to showcase something in Power BI. But don’t let this stop you. All you require is an imagination around how you

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Day 1 Review – Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, November 2018

Day 1 Review - Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, November 2018

What a great first day for the latest Enterprise DNA Learning Summit. Thanks to the many hundreds who were able to attend the event live and who interacted with the Enterprise DNA team. For many I know that the sessions can run quite late in the evening especially in the European time zone, so to

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