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Power BI Datasets: Types And Naming Conventions

Format Data In Power BI Using The Query Editor

In this tutorial, I will discuss Power BI datasets, including data types and the importance of naming conventions. The data used in this example is a resource pack made available for Enterprise DNA members. DOWNLOAD FILES USED IN THIS ARTICLE We want to make sure that when we import this Excel data into our Power

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Power BI And Excel: Difference In DAX Formulas

In this blog, I will quickly discuss the main difference between Power BI DAX and Excel formulas. I’ll show you some examples to help you see this better. I’m going to use the data that I used in the previous blog that tackled the differences between Measures and Calculated Columns. Let’s get straight to it.

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Power BI Formula Syntax, Comments, And Variables

Today, we are diving into what you could do in the Power BI formula bar in terms of syntax, comments, and variables. These are all very important techniques that you could use in your work patterns. But before we jump into Power BI formulas, I’ll show you how I sort my Dates column within my

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How To Use Natural Language Query (Q&A) In Power BI

In this tutorial, I’ll show you what you can do with Natural Language Query (Q&A). It’s a feature within the Power BI online service and embedded in the Power BI desktop as well. For example, you’re in a meeting and you have your report, dashboard, and app ready, but you don’t have the specific information

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Advanced Transformations In Power BI

Let me discuss some advanced transformations in Power BI through the query editor. Remember that you can combine different actions within the query editor to fully optimize your models. It’s just a matter of familiarizing yourself with the different transformations in Power BI and finding out what scenarios they’re useful for. DOWNLOAD FILES USED IN

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