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New On Power BI Showcase – Covid-19 Reporting

One of Power BI’s biggest strengths is the fact that it is such a dynamic tool. We see so many applications spanning different industries. This much is evident in our Power BI Showcase. The Power BI Showcase features downloadable reports and dashboards, with each one focusing on a unique purpose and industry. These downloadable resources

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5 Strategies To Enhance Your Power BI DAX Skills


In this tutorial, you’ll learn the general strategies to improve your DAX or M capabilities. This is an opportunity to learn and understand each Power BI DAX function. In Power BI, there are specific elements of practice that you have to learn to be proficient with functions. If you utilize these strategies, you’ll be able

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Calendar Layouts To Tabular Format Using Power Query


In this tutorial, you’ll learn about turning multiple calendar type layouts into a tabular format using Power Query in Power BI. You’ll learn how to transform multiple files instead of a single file from a folder. This tutorial will also teach you how to fill gaps in your data and how to harvest them in

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Power BI Datasets: Types And Naming Conventions

Format Data In Power BI Using The Query Editor

In this tutorial, I will discuss Power BI datasets, including data types and the importance of naming conventions. The data used in this example is a resource pack made available for Enterprise DNA members. DOWNLOAD FILES USED IN THIS ARTICLE We want to make sure that when we import this Excel data into our Power

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Power BI And Excel: Difference In DAX Formulas

In this blog, I will quickly discuss the main difference between Power BI DAX and Excel formulas. I’ll show you some examples to help you see this better. I’m going to use the data that I used in the previous blog that tackled the differences between Measures and Calculated Columns. Let’s get straight to it.

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