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How To Append Power Queries In Power BI

Appending queries

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to append power queries in Power BI. This technique is the process of layering one thing on top of the other. I’m going to show a perfect example as to why we need to do this. In the tutorial that I made for staging queries, we created

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Power Query Editor: Staging Queries

staging queries using Power Query editor

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about staging queries using Power Query editor. This is a new concept that I’d like to discuss for us to have an understanding of when and where we can use this in the query editor.   Staging queries can be used to configure and expose the data sources parameters to the dimension and fact table queries of the dataset. For Power BI datasets,

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How To Unpivot Columns In Power BI

How To Unpivot Columns in Power BI

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to unpivot columns in Power BI, and understand the importance of doing it inside our data models. When working on data inside Power BI, we generally want it to be in an unpivoted format. This is the most optimized way a table can be set up for

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