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New On Power BI Showcase – COVID-19 Reporting

One of Power BI’s biggest strengths is the fact that it is such a dynamic tool. We see so many applications spanning different industries. This much is evident in our Power BI Showcase. The Power BI Showcase features downloadable reports and dashboards, with each one focusing on a unique purpose and industry. These downloadable resources

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New On Power BI Showcase – Waste Management


Power BI is such a dynamic tool that it can be used across different industries and applications. This is why we continue to expand our Power BI Showcase, which contains different reports and dashboards that you can download. Each report is applicable to specific real-life scenarios that can be applied to your specific field, allowing

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Power BI Showcase – Reports For Service Desk Issues

Power BI Showcase - Reports For Service Desk Issues

The Power BI Showcase is, by far, one of the best ways to apply everything you’ve learned about Power BI so far. Knowing that each report and dashboard can be downloaded and used to practice different real-life scenarios, it could be key to advancing further as a Power BI user. Because we know that Power

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Power BI Challenge Showcase – Valuable Power BI Resource

Power BI Challenge Showcase New Learning Resource

We’re introducing a powerful Power BI resource – the Power BI Challenge Showcase. When we launched the Power BI Challenge in June, we knew that it was a great way for Power BI users everywhere to showcase their skills. Since then, it has evolved into much more than just a friendly competition. The Power BI

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Fresh New Power BI Showcases For Amazing HR and Customer Insights

3 Fresh Power BI Showcases HR and Customer Insights Enterprise DNA

Enterprise DNA has released a new set of showcases built to show the amazing amount of insights Power BI can deliver. Enterprise DNA Showcase As always, these showcases cover different areas ranging from customer engagement in an email marketing scenario, to HR consultation insights. The demonstrations can be downloaded by members from the Showcases Module

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