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SharePoint List Formatting Walkthrough

SharePoint List Formatting Walkthrough - Enterprise DNA

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to add rules for your SharePoint list view. We’ll also learn how to make choice pills via SharePoint list formatting which will make your list more efficient and appealing for its aesthetics. It might sound complex since we are going to use conditionals, but SharePoint made list formatting easier

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SharePoint Document Library | Beginners Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about the most important app in a SharePoint site which is the Document library. Document libraries come with a ton of features and we’ll also discuss some of those in this blog. A SharePoint document library is a container for creating, organizing, and managing different types of documents. You can also

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SharePoint Site | Layout And Menu Walkthrough

In this tutorial, we’ll go through the menu and some of the basic things that we can see in the layout of a Microsoft SharePoint site. Here’s a sample SharePoint site that I’ve previously created. We’ll go through the entire menu and layout before we start doing anything. Understanding The Layout Of A SharePoint Site

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Microsoft SharePoint | An Overview

In this tutorial, we’ll have an overview of Microsoft SharePoint. We’ll also discuss its uses and why it’s essential to learn about it. SharePoint is a web-based collaboration tool for an organization that enables users to communicate and share information across the web.  Understanding Microsoft SharePoint Everyone in an organization can use SharePoint as it

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Power BI Showcase – Reports For Service Desk Issues

Power BI Showcase - Reports For Service Desk Issues

The Power BI Showcase is, by far, one of the best ways to apply everything you’ve learned about Power BI so far. Knowing that each report and dashboard can be downloaded and used to practice different real-life scenarios, it could be key to advancing further as a Power BI user. Because we know that Power

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