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Create A Blank Report Using Power BI Report Builder

Create a Blank Report Using Power BI Report Builder

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how create a blank paginated report and filter datasets using Power BI Report Builder. Paginated reports allow you to create printable reports from a Power BI dataset. They’re created using Report Builder which is free to download and install. Create Paginated Reports In Power BI Open Report Builder. In the

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Power BI Report Refresh Automatically | PBI Service

Power BI Report Refresh Automatically

In this tutorial, our topic is Power BI report refresh automatically. How do we automatically refresh reports in Power BI Service? So, what happens is the data keeps on coming every day, and I want to program my Power BI so that it should automatically fetch and refresh the data from Power BI Service to

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Custom Visual In Power BI: Learn How To Control Font Properties In DAX

For this blog post, I want to take some time today and introduce you to a custom visual in Power BI that I’ve started using which provides a lot of flexibility and capabilities that are not possible within native Power BI visuals. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of

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Building A Reporting System With Power BI


This is an amazing reporting system or reporting solution that came from a Power BI challenge that we put on at Enterprise DNA. I made a lot of videos about the challenge and just highlighting some awesome ideas and submissions that are coming through it. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at

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