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Intro To Paginated Reports – New Course At Enterprise DNA

When it comes to report development, the way you analyze, transform and visualize your data is just one part of the process. Possibly an even more important aspect would be the way end viewers see the report. This is where paginated reports come in handy. In this new course by Sue Bayes, data professionals will

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Power BI Report Refresh Automatically | PBI Service

Power BI Report Refresh Automatically

In this tutorial, our topic is Power BI report refresh automatically. How do we automatically refresh reports in Power BI Service? So, what happens is the data keeps on coming every day, and I want to program my Power BI so that it should automatically fetch and refresh the data from Power BI Service to

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Microsoft Power Query Tutorial On How To Fix Mixed Fixed Column Width Issues

Mudassir: For today, we have a very interesting problem to work with. The problem with this file is that it is fixed delimited by columns and I don’t know how to resolve this using Microsoft Power Query. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. First, it wasn’t

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Power BI Custom Icons | PBI Visualization Technique

For today’s tutorial, I will discuss one of my favorite techniques around Power BI custom icons, which uses custom icons in a dynamic way in Power BI visuals. This tutorial is inspired by an entry over at the Enterprise DNA forum, wherein one of our members is having trouble with adding custom icons into his

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Creating Power BI Reports Effectively & Avoiding Hidden Pitfalls

In this tutorial, I will discuss four hidden pitfalls in Power BI that can wreck your data model and/or your report. I will show you not only how to avoid these problems when creating Power BI reports, but how to create a comprehensive template that effectively addresses all of them as well as speeds up

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