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Using Power BI In Your Business Reporting

In terms of business reporting, there’s nothing more versatile than Power BI. You can strategically extract key analysis and insights from your data using the different features of Power BI. However, Power BI has a lot of elements and features which can be overwhelming for beginners. That is why I want to give you a

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Tips For Power BI Report Design – Best Practices

It’s important to make your visuals look great to have a compelling Power BI report. In this tutorial, I share with you some of my best practices for Power BI report design and development. With these tips, you will speed up this part of your development work considerably. Building a Power BI report and making

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Power BI Reporting Techniques: Setting Up Application Like Reports

I’m going to share with you an interesting Power BI reporting technique, which is about creating some application-like reports using one of the amazing features inside Power BI. These Power BI reporting features can really take your models and reports to the next level in terms of functionality and customer usage. This tutorial is a

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