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KPI Ticker In A Power BI Report | PBI Custom Visuals

For this blog tutorial, I’d like to go through a custom visual I used in the report I developed for my eDNA Power BI Challenge 16 entry that’s called a KPI ticker. It’s a pretty eye-catching visual, which is why I received many questions from our members on how I put it together. I’ll be

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Power BI Design Tips: Creating Application-Like Reports

In this blog, I’d like to give you some Power BI design tips on how you can make your reports look more application-like by simply hiding pages. This is a methodology that I’ve seen being used in many of the best and most compelling reports I’ve encountered recently. I think it’d be a great trick

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Heat Map – A Great Visualization For Power BI Reports

Heat Map

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a heat map visual using Charticulator. It is used to identify outliers and show multiple insights in your data report. You will find this visualization useful in monitoring the performances of retail outlets. This is an example of a heat map. It shows the data of the

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Anomaly Detection In Power BI: Options And Limitations

Power BI introduced another feature called Anomaly Detection in its November 2020 update. This feature is only available in line charts for now. Anomaly detection in Power BI enables report creators to enhance line charts by automatically detecting anomalies in a time series data. This feature allows us to easily find insights without slicing and

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Report Layouts: Designing With Native Visuals

Report Layouts- Designing With Native Visuals

Designing report layouts in Power BI is a challenge for most people. Some data analysts sometimes forget to make their reports more engaging and intuitive as they focus more on the data. In this tutorial, you’ll learn some simple tips and tricks to create good-looking layouts for your Power BI reports. First, let’s talk about

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