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Power BI Themes – How To Create Themes Using Canva

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use Canva to design Power BI themes and backgrounds. This can take your reports to a whole new level, knowing that the aesthetics of your reports can greatly contribute to the way people understand and engage with the data on each page. You can watch

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Power BI Interactive Reports: Navigation And Bookmarks

Power BI Interactive Reports- Navigation And Bookmarks

Page navigation is important in Power BI reports to leverage performance and user experience. On the other hand, bookmarks let you save the currently configured views and settings in your reports. In this tutorial, I’ll discuss how to get navigation ideas for your Power BI interactive reports. I’ll also explain how to create and manage your

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Creating A Visual Tooltip In Power BI


I’m going to show you my most favorite visualization idea around tooltip in Power BI. I saw it demonstrated really well in a Power BI challenge submission and I just want to show you how far you can take it. It’s not that difficult at all and it can add so much value to your

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Power BI Design – Best Practice Tips For Dashboards

Power BI Design - Best Practice Tips For Dashboards

In this tutorial, I’ll run through my seven Power BI design best practices for dashboarding. This is a snapshot of the reports you’ll be developing inside the Dashboarding and Data Visualization Intensive course in Enterprise DNA. These seven best practices are what I use in every report that I create in Power BI regardless of

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