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Power BI Dataflows And Why They Are Important

Power BI Dataflows and Why They are Important - Enterprise DNA

Dataflows have become a crucial feature in the success of an organization-wide Power BI deployment. It’s also one of the key pillars for an effective implementation of Power BI. Surprisingly, Power BI dataflows are also vastly underutilized, and only a few users know their potential value. This blog will reveal what dataflows are, how they

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A Quick Overview On Different Power Query Tools In Power BI

A Quick Overview On Different Power Query Tools In Power BI - Enterprise DNA

Power Query is a powerful tool in data transformation. After understanding about the ribbons and panes found in the Query Editor, the next step is getting acquainted with its various features. In this tutorial, we’ll go over a quick overview on the different Power Query Editor tools that’ll assist you in organizing your data. Power

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Custom Columns In Power BI Vs. Conditional Columns

Custom and Conditional Columns

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the difference between Conditional and Custom Columns in Power BI. We’ll also show examples of when and how we can use them, including some of their alternatives.  Custom columns require a different formula language that we need to learn first. On the other hand, conditional columns are easy

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Power BI Parameters Via Query Editor

Creating And Using Parameter

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how we can create and use Power BI Parameters which is a powerful feature of the Query Editor.  There are instances when we want to put additional filters on our data within the query editor. We can do that by utilizing the Manage Parameters option within the Home ribbon. For this

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Adding Data In Power BI | A Power Query Tutorial

As we know, data has a lot of different forms before we can retrieve and bring it in Power BI. Power Query offers several advantages when it comes to importing and consolidating Power BI data. In this blog, we’ll discuss the different ways on how we can bring data in Power BI. Think of Power

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