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Tips For A Successful Power BI Implementation

Tips For A Successful Power BI Implementation - Enterprise DNA

We’ll continue our series on Power BI project planning and implementation. This time around, we’ll be discussing on dataset design, profiling, and modes. Check out the first part of our project planning series that deals with deployment modes, and the second part which talks about discovery and ingestion. Dataset Design For Power BI Project Implementation

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Deployment Strategies In Power BI: An Overview

Deployment Strategies In Power BI An Overview - Enterprise DNA

The recent developments of Power BI have created an inflexion point in what businesses, organizations, and individuals within those organizations can do with data. In this tutorial, we’ll go through an overview of the different deployment strategies you can employ when using Power BI desktop. This is an overview of the Enterprise DNA course on

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Power BI Project Planning: Discovery & Ingestion

Power BI Project Planning Discovery & Ingestion - Enterprise DNA

In today’s blog post, we’ll be continuing our series on how you can plan for your Power BI project. We’ve already talked about deployment modes for the first part on this series. Now, let’s talk about discovery and ingestion. Importance Of Discovery And Ingestion An organization’s business intelligence asset is the result of individual projects

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Planning Power BI Projects

Planning Power BI Projects - Enterprise DNA

Today, I will talk about planning power BI projects. Power BI projects tend to be agile in nature, but it never hurts to do some upfront project planning. I will lay out some of the common tasks that I’ve found helpful in my work when doing Power BI projects. This includes deployment mode, discovery and

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