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New Course Release – Advanced Data Transformations & Modeling

Power BI Advanced Data Transformations & Modeling Online Course

You can view details around the new course here – Advanced Data Transformations and Modeling Exciting times here at Enterprise DNA as I’m releasing yet another course into Enterprise DNA Online. The Advanced Data Transformations and Modeling course has been a work in progress for some time as I wanted to make sure that I

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Detailed Ranking Example Using DAX in Power BI

Enterprise DNA Video Tutorial Power BI Ranking Examples Using DAX

Power BI is an amazing analytical engine! Today I’m going to show you how you can find your top customers – not just as static numbers, but through time and through any time period you could want. This is the power of DAX combined with the data model at its best. In this example I

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Developing Sensitivity Analysis Logic Using DAX in Power BI

Enterprise DNA Video Tutorial Sensitivity Analysis Logic using DAX in Power BI

We’re getting specific today and really showcasing the analytical power of Power BI. Sensitivity analysis, or even running some ‘what ifs’ around this, allows you to almost predict what may happen in the future with your results. In this example I want to see what will happen to my profitability if I am able to

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Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – November 2017

Enterprise DNA Free 3-Day Online Learning Summit

Big annoucement this week! The first Enterprise DNA Learning Summit will be held through the middle of November (which is next week). You can find all details and registration here at this link – Enterprise DNA Learning Summit I’ve received plenty of feedback over the last few months around the webinar series that I’ve been

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Join us at Enterprise DNA!

We’re growing and want people in the Power BI and analytics community to join us. We’re not your conventional firm, we’re more agile than that and are looking for a variety of people who can add value to our organisation by doing some of the below. Types of activities we need people for include; Writing blogs

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