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DAX Power BI Tutorial On Report Transparency

Developing Report Transparency Using DAX Formulas - Enterprise DNA

For this blog post, I will be moving on to the last part of my series on report transparency. The first part of this series talks about layout design, while the second part deals with navigation. I would like to move on to the next part of our series, which will be a DAX Power

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Heat Map – A Great Visualization For Power BI Reports

Heat Map

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a heat map visual using Charticulator. It is used to identify outliers and show multiple insights in your data report. You will find this visualization useful in monitoring the performances of retail outlets. This is an example of a heat map. It shows the data of the

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Power BI Dashboard Designs: Visuals And Effects

An effective dashboard design presents data in a concise, engaging, and powerful way. The presentation of data should not just be visually pleasing. It should also be easy for the target audience to comprehend. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss some ideas on how we can be creative with visualizations for our Power BI dashboard designs.

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How To Create A Power BI Heat Map

how to create a heatmap in power bi post image

A Power BI heat map is a type of visualization that is used to show data density on a map. It is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors. In this tutorial, I’ll discuss how we can create a Power BI heat map using a

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