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Web-Based Report Development Techniques In Power BI

Report Development Web-Based Report

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to design a report in Power BI that looks and feels like a web-based report application. You’ll learn how to create unique navigation experiences within your reports, use Enterprise DNA’s new theme generator to double your development speed, and develop re-usable templates to scale report creation across your

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Dashboard In Power BI: Best Design Practices

Dashboard In Power BI- Best Design Practices

In this tutorial, you’ll learn some fundamental design practices that can help you tell a better data-driven story for your dashboard in Power BI. Power BI dashboards are used to communicate insights. It tells a story through visualizations. Therefore, it is vital to have the proper data visualization to efficiently highlight the insights for your

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Building A Reporting System With Power BI


This is an amazing reporting system or reporting solution that came from a Power BI challenge that we put on at Enterprise DNA. I made a lot of videos about the challenge and just highlighting some awesome ideas and submissions that are coming through it. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at

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