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DAX Measures In Power BI Using Measure Branching

Build DAX measures using measures. This is what I call measure branching. This technique is one of the most important development strategies that you need to learn. Measure branching in Power BI is about creating advanced measures within a measure itself. I always recommend that you start with simple DAX measures first so you can

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DAX Table Functions In Power BI

In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to DAX table functions. Table functions are simply DAX functions that return a table. Some of the most common table functions that you can encounter in Power BI are the FILTER, VALUES, and ALL functions. Using these table functions, you can create virtual tables inside Power BI. Physical

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Understanding Power BI Aggregations

Now, let’s delve deeper into one of the most important concepts in Power BI calculations — the aggregations. Power BI aggregations are formulas used to calculate a single summarized value from multiple rows that are grouped together. There are different ways to create aggregations in Power BI. Some of the examples of aggregation functions are

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Evaluation Context In DAX Calculations

Evaluation Context In DAX Calculations Power BI Enterprise DNA

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about evaluation context in DAX. Evaluation or initial context is the environment from which your dynamic calculation is based from. It’s important to understand how evaluation context works and how it affects your DAX calculation. So in the next section, I want to show you the different ways to create

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Power BI Context: A Fundamental Concept In DAX

One of the fundamental concepts that is important in building efficient reports is Power BI context. If you want to make effective analytical measures, it’s essential to learn how to manipulate the context of a certain measure. Context can help you perform dynamic analysis in Power BI. In addition to that, changing the context can

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