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Stock Quote App – Dynamic, Fast & Easy In Power BI

Stock Quote App - Dynamic, Fast & Easy In Power BI

In this blog, I’ll show you how to create a dynamic stock quote app in Power BI. This interesting technique came out from a post in the Enterprise DNA forum. The member wanted to know how we go about starting with online data and pulling that into Power BI and then analyzing it from there

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Row And Column Transformations In Power BI

I want to go over some of the best practices in optimizing your rows and columns inside the Query Editor. You can optimize your table so that when you create visualizations, you’ll be able to recognize your columns easily. One of the best ways to develop the most intuitive Power BI model is to simplify

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Querying Data From Multiple Data Sources

As I mentioned in the previous tutorial, you need to bring in your raw data first before you can do anything else in the Query Editor. I’ll teach you the different ways you can get your data from multiple data sources. I also want to remind you that there are two ways to load your

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