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Running Totals in Power BI: How To Calculate Using DAX Formula

Sometimes calculating running totals in Power BI is a far better away to analyse trends than just looking at actual results on a daily basis. That’s why I’m going to show you in this example how you can implement a running total calculation which is dynamic, and flows and integrates well with the rest of

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Compare Multiple Metrics Cumulatively in Power BI using DAX

Comparing Actual vs Budget vs Last Year Results in Power BI w/DAX

I’ve previously showcased how you can compare your actual results versus your budgeted results. But, what if you also wanted to overlay some time comparison information so you’re comparing your actuals versus budget versus last year? Or perhaps versus last quarter? Or against any other time period you may want to select? In this video

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Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – Session 2 Preview

Enterprise DNA Power BI Regional Performance Dashboard Template

After a fantastic first session of the Enterprise DNA Learning Summit we’re powering into the next one. Firstly thanks to all who are taking part. We’ve hit around 500 now from all around the world! Great to have a meeting of the minds during these virtual workshops. The feedback around what we have gone through

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