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Power BI Budgeting Technique: Allocating Monthly Budgeting Sensitivity Table

In this blog, I talk about a technique around Power BI budgeting, working out a way to allocate calculations across different time frames or months, for example. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. In most cases, budgets are in a yearly basis. However, it’s so much

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Showing Difference Between Sales And Budgets To Date – Forecasting In Power BI

The topic that I’m going to discuss in this tutorial was part of a full-hour workshop on budgeting and forecasting in Power BI during an Enterprise DNA Learning Summit. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. This tutorial focuses on how we calculate and highlight the differences between

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Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – Event Wrap Up

Enterprise DNA Power BI Performance Summary Dashboard Template

And that’s it. We wrapped up the first Enterprise DNA Learning Summit today. Another great session, thanks to all who came today and really any of the days. I think as a first go at it, it went very well and will see where to next with the concept. I think overall it felt not

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Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – Session 2 Preview

Enterprise DNA Power BI Regional Performance Dashboard Template

After a fantastic first session of the Enterprise DNA Learning Summit we’re powering into the next one. Firstly thanks to all who are taking part. We’ve hit around 500 now from all around the world! Great to have a meeting of the minds during these virtual workshops. The feedback around what we have gone through

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