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Power BI Design Tips: Creating Application-Like Reports

In this blog, I’d like to give you some Power BI design tips on how you can make your reports look more application-like by simply hiding pages. This is a methodology that I’ve seen being used in many of the best and most compelling reports I’ve encountered recently. I think it’d be a great trick

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How To Use Options Within A Bookmark in Power BI


Today, we’ll go on a deep dive into using a bookmark in Power BI. In some of the previous Enterprise DNA videos that I’ve recently done, I showed you how to use bookmarks in reports to hide certain visuals and how to group bookmarks so you can organize them. You may watch the full video

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Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – Session 3 Preview

Enterprise DNA Performance Scenarios Dashboard Template

Two sessions been and gone, with one more to go. The final session of the Enterprise DNA Learning Summit is tomorrow. Big thank you to everyone who has been involved. Have covered an immense amount about Power BI already with more to come tomorrow. Today we went through a wide array of analytical techniques inside

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