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Tips In Using The Performance Analyzer Feature In Power BI

Using The Performance Analyzer In Power BI - Model Optimization Tips

The Performance Analyzer feature is now available in the Power BI desktop and that’s what I’m going to show you in this tutorial. Using the Performance Analyzer, you can find out how your report elements, such as visuals and DAX formulas, are performing. After running the analysis, you can interpret the results provided by the

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Power BI Analysis Using DAX: How Many Unique Products A Customer Bought

In this Power BI analysis example, we’re going to generate a unique insight where we’re going to evaluate all our customers and see how many unique products they bought. I’ll show you how to analyze this over time and use anything in the data model.  For this Power BI analysis, we’ll evaluate the data in

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Calculating Profit Leakage Using Power BI Analytics

In this blog post, I want to hone into a real world application of Power BI – How can we discover how much profit we are missing out on? There are probably a few ways that you can work out solutions to profit leakage. The way I have done it with this example is to

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Budgeting Analysis On Best & Worst Performers Using Power BI

I run through a lot of budgeting analysis because I think using Power BI for this type of analysis is extremely effective. Power BI as a tool covers a lot of the analytical components that need to be executed well to complete this analytical work, and then showcases it in an effective way. In this

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Power BI Analytics: Run Scenario Analysis On Average Order Size

In this tutorial, we dive into the power of Power BI analytics. I’m going to go through something quite practical for a retailer who sells goods at a high frequency. When you are a business that sells a lot of goods – say an online retailer – if you can analyse how much you would

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