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PowerApps Navigation Context Overview

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the context of PowerApps navigation. We’ll be using the Back and Navigate functions to change which screen is displayed in our applications. Most apps contain multiple screens. Providing user-friendly PowerApps navigation allows the users to efficiently navigate through those application screens. On the reference page, let’s click Navigate and see

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PowerApps Triggers | An Introduction

Triggers and Properties are both relevant topics in PowerApps. In this tutorial, we’ll have an overview of PowerApps Triggers. If you’ve taken any programming class, you’ll probably know that a class has two things—properties and methods. In PowerApps, elements have properties and triggers.  Understanding PowerApps Triggers Properties are things that define the element. For example,

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PowerApps Data Cards And Property Assignment

In this tutorial, we’ll explore more options with PowerApps data cards, forms, detailed screens, and how to reference their properties and values.  PowerApps data cards are the building blocks of any Power Apps business application. The cards themselves contain controls for displaying and editing fields. Here’s a sample detail screen that contains column names with

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