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Break Out New Customer Sales – Advanced Power BI Insights

In this tutorial, I wanted to go over new customer sales and teach you how to calculate it using your Power BI model. When you’re working out who your new customers are, you first of all need to make sure you have a sound understanding of how you classify a new customer. The calculation and

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CALCULATETABLE DAX Function – Best Practices in Power BI

The CALCULATETABLE DAX function is an incredibly advanced and important function in Power BI to learn and understand well. Most of you who are just starting out with Power BI have probably overlooked this particular function. I certainly did when I first started out using Power BI and writing DAX measures. Learning about CALCULATETABLE well

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New Customer Analysis Using Advanced DAX

Not too long ago, I completed an entire scenario method session for members of Enterprise DNA. I worked on an entire session which encompassed many types of analysis including lost customers, steady customers and new customer analysis.  All of them involved great analytical work in order to maximize the business potential of this customer data.

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