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SharePoint Site Permission Inheritance

SharePoint Site Permission Inheritance - Enterprise DNA

In this blog, we’ll discuss a topic related to SharePoint site permissions, which is called inheritance permission. By default, all the permissions that you have on your main SharePoint site will be carried over to your subsites. If you create a subsite, it will automatically have the same permissions as the main site. In this

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RSS Feeds In SharePoint: An Overview

RSS Feeds In Sharepoint - Enterprise DNA

In this blog, we’ll discuss RSS feeds in SharePoint. This feature was actually designed for the classic version and not in the modern version. An RSS feed is a way for SharePoint to log all changes to a specific app. Whether it’s a document library or a list, it’ll track all the changes made.  Also,

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SharePoint Platform: Social Networking Features

In this tutorial, we’re going to discuss the different social networking features of the SharePoint platform. This includes comments, alerts, and the SharePoint start page. These features will aid the people in your organization in noticing important information and recent changes. Additionally, they will have the ability to access the notifications in one place for

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SharePoint Permissions | Groups vs. Levels

SharePoint Permissions Groups vs. Levels - Enterprise DNA

In this blog, we’ll discuss SharePoint Permissions. We’ll explain why they are important and why you should utilize them. Along with it, we’ll talk about the difference between Permissions and Authentication. Moreover, we’ll discuss Groups and Levels and why learning the difference between the two is a critical factor when setting up Permissions on your

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Version History In SharePoint Lists

Version history in a SharePoint list is very similar to version history within a SharePoint Document Library. It allows users to easily revert the data back to specific changes they have made. In the SharePoint Document Library, it can store multiple versions, while in Excel’s case, it can’t. Version history in SharePoint can store the

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