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How To Organize Your Power BI Data Model – Best Practice Tips


I wanted to highlight in this post some of my best practice tips for Power BI data modelling. In this tutorial, I go through many techniques in detail which I think you’ll find very beneficial as soon as you start implementing these into your reports. You’ll find that as you work through any development, certain

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Implementing DAX Measure Groups Into Your Power BI Reports – Modeling Review

I want to touch on a really important topic within this tutorial. In many of the showcase demos that Enterprise DNA releases across webinars, summits, and to Enterprise DNA members you will see that the use of measure groups is extensive. There is a very good reason why measure groups have been implemented in all

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How To Use The CROSSJOIN Function – Power BI & DAX Tutorial

How To Use The CROSSJOIN Function - Power BI & DAX Tutorial

CROSSJOIN is a really effective function that you can utilize inside of Power BI to essentially bind two tables of data together. It’s not just about selecting any two tables from your data sets. What you can do is actually also manipulate tables inside of the CROSSJOIN function so they can be joined in a

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