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Analyze Profit Margin Changes Overtime – Analytics with Power BI and DAX

In this blog post, I will show a really unique and specific example where I’m going to hone in on how you can combine lots of the techniques that I’ve described in many previous tutorials to come up with profit margin changes. These are techniques like Measure Branching, Trend Analysis, and DAX Formula Combinations. What

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Use Power BI Measure Branching To Check If Your Margins Expand As Revenue Grows

In this post, we’re going to look at an analytical insight where we find out if our profit margins grew together with our revenue. We can do this through the use of Power BI measure branching. This is important because we want to see if revenue expansion or getting the market share is actually good

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Use Power BI Analytics To Check If Revenue Growth Is Profitable

Through the example in this tutorial, you will see how powerful Power BI can be as an analytical tool. We will analyze a specific insight using Power BI analytics and then demonstrate it in a compelling way. This analytical work is seriously not possible in any way, shape, or form using existing tools like Excel.

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Compare Multiple Metrics Cumulatively In Power BI Using Advanced DAX

I’ve previously showcased how you can compare your actual results versus your budgeted results using advanced DAX. But, what if you also wanted to overlay some time comparison information so you’re comparing your actuals versus budget versus last year? Or perhaps versus last quarter? Or against any other time period you may want to select?

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Developing Sensitivity Analysis Logic Using DAX in Power BI

Sensitivity Analysis Logic Using DAX in Power BI

We’re getting specific today and really showcasing the analytical power of Power BI. Sensitivity analysis, or even running some ‘what ifs’ around this, allows you to almost predict what may happen in the future with your results. In this example, I want to see what will happen to my profitability if I am able to

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