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Using The MAXX DAX Function In Power BI To Calculate Recent Values In Your Data

This tutorial will talk about a common scenario that’s frequently asked in the Enterprise DNA support forum. You’re going to learn how to work out the most recent or the last value in your data using the MAXX and FILTER DAX functions in Power BI. For this example, there’s a list of data and within

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Dynamically Calculating The Previous Highest Result Using DAX Functions

DAX functions greatly expand dynamic calculations. They also broaden the other important capabilities in Power BI.  In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how you can dynamically calculate the previous highest result in Power BI. We’ll also be learning the right combination of formula and techniques for this particular calculation. By doing a dynamic calculation, we can

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First Purchase of Customer Insight Using DAX

I have another really unique insight to show to you in Power BI. After this session, you’ll be able to identify a customer’s first purchase and use this data to boost your future sales. By analyzing a trend in terms of the first product that customers are purchasing, you can: (1) change our marketing efforts;

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Working With Iterating Functions In DAX

Iterating Formulas Deep Dive Power BI

I’ve seen some confusion with iterating functions in DAX whenever I work with Enterprise DNA members in the forum. So we will do a review of what can be achieved using these functions and why you should use them. As you get more into DAX formulas, you will use these iterating functions a lot more

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