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How To Use An Iterating Function In Power BI

This tutorial will teach you about different iterating functions and how to efficiently use them in your calculations. I often discuss how calculated columns are not required when making some calculations. This is because of iterators. Iterators or iterating functions can help you do a calculation without physically putting the results in the table. This

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Using The MAXX DAX Function In Power BI To Calculate Most Recent Values Or Last Value In Your Data

Using MAXX DAX Function In Power BI To Calculate Recent Values post image

This tutorial will talk about a common scenario that’s frequently asked in the Enterprise DNA support forum. You’re going to learn how to work out the most recent or the last value in your data using the MAXX and FILTER DAX functions in Power BI. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at

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Power BI Data Visualization Technique: Creating A Dynamic Heading Or Title

Over the years, visual headers have significantly improved. You can now use these headers to enhance the appearance of your reports. These headers also come with headings or titles. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing how you can create a Power BI dynamic title or heading in your reports. You may watch the full video

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