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Power BI Geospatial Analysis: An Introduction

Geospatial Analysis

In this blog post, I’ll be introducing Power BI Geospatial Analysis for building compelling and dynamic maps in reports. Geospatial analysis in Power BI usually has a lot of restrictions. In fact, displaying actual multiple layers is not possible and requires some data manipulation. Moreover, both the default and downloadable visuals perform differently in geocoding

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Power BI Map Visual: How To Create & Add A Custom Legend In Power BI

Power BI Map Visual: Creating A Custom Legend, creating a custom legend in power bi post image

This blog post is about building a custom legend to replace the default legend in a standard Power BI map visual. The ArcGIS map visual is great. It takes some tweaking to get the most out of it, but it’s certainly worth your while. Just like other mapping visuals, the legend doesn’t look too good

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Business Metrics In Power BI Reports To Achieve Logistics Insights

In this demonstration, we focus on a Power BI Showcase that contains reports presenting key business metrics for a transportation company. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. The reports in this Showcase use simulated data that came from the bookings received by the company from a

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Budgeting Performance Segmentation Using DAX In Power BI

Budgeting performance analysis might sometimes require us to segment the results we currently have to different groups. This is to analyze which performers were better than others versus their targets. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. Power BI can manage performance segmentation, and understand their differences

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