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How To Understand Virtual Tables Inside Iterating Function In Power BI – DAX Concepts

I’m going to cover a very interesting topic around virtual tables, and how you can utilize them in Power BI within iterating functions. If you didn’t know it yet virtual tables are the essential ingredient to creating advanced logic inside of Power BI. A lot of the power of these virtual tables comes when you

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Understanding How The AVERAGEX Function Works

In this example, we’ll dive deep into the AVERAGEX function. This is a truly powerful function that can be used in so many different ways. It can very efficiently calculate interesting results very quickly. You need to truly understand how this works and what’s happening behind the scenes. That’s what this tutorial is focussed on.

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Advanced Logic Within DAX Iterating Functions – Detailed Example

I want to dive here into iterating functions within the DAX language in Power BI. The reason why I want to spend some time showing you what you can do inside of iterating functions is because it’s such an important concept that you need to learn very well. You might have only just completed some

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