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Send Emails With Power BI & Power Automate Platform

Today, we’ll show you how to connect Power BI and Power Automate platform. One simple use case for this is if you have a Power BI report that lists customers, clients, and members of your own team in a list, and you want to be able to cycle through each one and do something for

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Make An HTTP Request in Power Automate

Power Automate Make Simple HTTP Request

In this blog post, we’ll learn how to create an HTTP request with Power Automate. HTTP requests are used to transfer data, but it should not be your first solution. Your first solution should always be to look for a connector for your application. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the

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Business Process Flow Integration In Power Automate

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how we can integrate a Business Process flow to another flow in Power Automate. One example is when we want to send a Slack message with some of the recorded information whenever a record is saved on our business process flow.  For this tutorial, we’ll use an Automated Flow because

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Power Automate UI Flow: An Introduction

In this tutorial, we’ll be talking about the Power Automate UI flow. It also has a special purpose just like the business process flow. A UI flow automates a process that we use on a desktop or on a website that we don’t have a third-party API for. Importance Of Power Automate UI Flow UI

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Microsoft Flow String Functions: Concat And Replace

Learning how to combine two or more strings is essential in creating MS flows. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss two of the most important Microsoft flow string functions – concat and replace. The concat function simply combines two or more strings together and returns the combined string, while the replace function replaces a substring with

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