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Sorting Dates By Financial Year In Power BI

Not everyone’s year runs over the calendar dates or the calendar year. It’s very likely that you will want to showcase your reports by financial year in Power BI instead. For instance, your financial year might start in July or in April. Not only that, your quarters will also be in a different order too

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Calculate Financial Year To Date (FYTD) Sales In Power BI Using DAX

Calculate Financial Year To Date FYTD Sales In Power BI using DAX

There will be countless times when you will be required to calculate your sales financial year to date, but only the standard date table is available. One thing that can seem like a limitation of Power BI is its calendar date table. You may initially think that you need a new date table, but you

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Filter Your Data By Unique Financial Years & Quarters – Power BI Modeling Technique

Sometimes you want to filter your data by financial or fiscal years versus filter by calendar years. This particular tutorial is going to cover how you can do just that. What we’re going to do is use a current date table that we may already have inside of our model. If you want to learn

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