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Filter Your Data By Unique Financial Years & Quarters – Power BI Modeling Technique

Sometimes you want to filter your data by financial or fiscal years versus filter by calendar years. This particular tutorial is going to cover how you can do just that. What we’re going to do is use a current date table that we may already have inside of our model. If you want to learn

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How To Create Unique Financial Year Quarters In Power BI

If you had the opportunity to view the detailed date table tutorial that I ran through in a previous post, you will find that most of the supporting date columns like months, quarters, and financial years are generally made up for a standard calendar date table. In a lot of cases though, you need to

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Sorting By Financial Years In Power BI

I get this question a lot in many of the live trainings that I do, and it’s how can I sort my dates by the financial year. Now, obviously, not everyone’s year runs over the calendar dates or the calendar year. Your financial year might start at July, it might start in August, November, something

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