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How to Compare Current Sales to Previous Best Month in Power BI

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn more about the advanced time intelligence feature in Power BI to compare current sales to the previous best month. This is actually a unique question that was raised at the Enterprise DNA Support Forum. And as soon as I heard it, I thought wow! We can actually do

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Identify & Showcase Data Outliers In Power BI Using DAX

We are going to take Power BI development to the next level and discover important new trends in our data. First, we need to dive into our data outliers through some advanced logic in Power BI using DAX. I’ll help you understand the difference between raw and filtered contexts. So, we’re going to analyze and

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Attrition Analysis: Finding Lost Customers Using Power BI & DAX

In this tutorial, we’re going to focus on some customer attrition analysis in Power BI. Power BI is an amazing tool for high-quality analytics. In my view, it doesn’t have a close competitor at this point in time. The dashboard we’re using here is part of the Learning Summit I had on attrition analysis, but

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Customer Analysis In Power BI; Reviewing Performance Over Time

How we can create some compelling customer analysis overtime Power BI Video Tutorial

Customer analysis is a crucial thing to do for any business specially if you have a large number of customers. In this particular tutorial, I work through how we can create some compelling customer analysis overtime. I’m looking at customer’s purchasing behaviour between different timeframes and put those into a visualisation, highlighting the information in

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