Tag: Financial Analytics

Create Compelling Insights In Power BI Fast – Financial Analysis

In this particular example we’re going to work through, I’m going to show you how you can discover profit insights very, very fast with Power BI. Now, profits are key, right? In any business, you want to understand how your profits are being derived, where they’re coming from, and why you’re getting the results that

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Implement Ranking Logic Across Unique Insights with Power BI – Advanced DAX

The idea behind this tutorial is to show you how we can get to a very unique insight with Power BI, but do it in an intuitive way. I’m going to focus in on margin growth in the sales of an organisation, but take it even further and rank all salespeople on how they performed

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Update to Multiple Currencies Management in Power BI – Advanced DAX

There are so many occurrences in financial analysis where we need to integrate exchange rates. Now, I have actually shown an example of how to do this using the LOOKUPVALUE function in Power BI. There is one slight issue with the particular function I went through in the initial video that I didn’t realize at

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