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Calculate A Reverse Cumulative Total In Power BI Using DAX

In this example, I will show you how you can create a reverse cumulative total inside of Power BI using DAX. This question came up recently on the Enterprise DNA Support Forum. You can view this forum post here – Reverse Cumulative Sum A member had a unique requirement where they needed a cumulative total from

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Basket Analysis Introduction – Best Practice Tips For Power BI Using DAX

Basket Analysis For Power BI Using DAX

With Basket Analysis, what we’re trying to achieve is analyzing one grouping of products versus another grouping of products.  There’s plenty of application for this across Power BI. The theory we’re trying to work through with this type of analysis is if one grouping of products is bought with another grouping of products. By running

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FMCG Sales Analytics – Power BI showcase submission

Every consumer goods company needs this If you sell a product, good or service, you will no doubt want to be able to draw up some analysis on how you are going. What products are selling to which customers in what locations? Which warehouses or factories are producing them? How are we performing over time?

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