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Explaining Row Context in Power BI

I have found out that most people get confused in regards to understanding how DAX works in row context. This is because row context can be quite complicated and unnecessarily so. So we’re going to touch on row context throughout this article. The way I think about row context is through iterations or iterating functions.

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Introduction to Filter Context in Power BI

Filter context is one of the major topics that any Power BI user should initially learn about, especially if you want your DAX calculations to work effectively. In this article, I will run through the filter context. Every DAX formula is calculated in a two-step process. DAX Formula: A Two-Step Process The first step is

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Understanding Evaluation Context in Power BI

The most important concept in understanding DAX is context. There are three main types of context: the evaluation context, the filter context, and the row context. When DAX calculates something in Power BI, it works via a two-step process. At first, it evaluates the context it is currently in. Once it has done that, it

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