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Check Out Our Re-Imagined DAX Formula Reference Guide

We’ve been working on a huge project at Enterprise DNA. We’ve deeply thought about and then re-imagined how you could create a better DAX formula guide.  And we have finally completed it and ready to release it to all those connected to Enterprise DNA.  You can find the DAX guide within our Knowledge Base. Please check out the link below to navigate straight to it.  DAX Reference Guide

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The Analyst Cloud Is Now Completely Free For Employers

We have recently made a decision at Enterprise DNA to make our Analyst Cloud platform now free for employers to utilise. What this means is that any employer or project manager who needs Power BI resourcing can now access our highly talented pool of Power BI and analytical experts for absolutely free. The Analyst Cloud

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Introducing Edna 1.0 Our New Educational Chat Bot

For those of you who are not aware, we have recently launched an exciting initiative at Enterprise DNA.  Recently, we have been working hard to create and deliver a brand-new educational chat bot. We call our chat bot Edna as a unique play on words of our company name.  Why did we create Edna 1.0?  At Enterprise

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