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November Update For Enterprise DNA

November proved to be a promising month for Enterprise DNA. With many of our initiatives reaching the maturity phase and seeing a lot of new traction.  Analyst Hub Interest Is Growing With Our New Trial Access Promotion  The Analyst Hub has been making waves within the Power BI community with over 800 new registrations in the past month alone.  We are doing everything we can

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New In Power BI Showcase – Procurement Insights, Sales Overview, Inventory Analysis

The Power BI Showcase continues to be a wonderful resource for those who want to step up their game in using Power BI across different scenarios. We’ve launched 3 more reports that can give you powerful insights if you’re working on procurement, sales and inventory. The Enterprise DNA Power BI Showcases give you the opportunity

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Power BI Challenge #9 Wrap Up

We’re once again done with another Power BI Challenge. Judging who the winner is has become more and more challenging as we see participants getting better and better with every round. This challenge is about currency conversion. It involves a company that buys scrap and waste recyclables. Because the company deals with clients from all

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CoE Proof Of Concept Program

We’ve been making some huge updates to the Center of Excellence platform recently. And at this point we want to make sure that all businesses looking to empower their teams and their data culture with Power BI have a chance to access our comprehensive partner platform. We’ve made it seriously simple to try out the Center of Excellence. 

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Education Platform And Pricing Updates From Enterprise DNA


We have been making a lot of updates to many areas of Enterprise DNA’s education platform, resources, and applications lately.  Some of these have been mentioned before. With a lot of our latest initiatives finally taking shape in recent weeks, it has come to a point where we need to reassess and revise how our pricing works.  In this blog, I want to detail some of the reasons why we are

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