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Join Power BI Challenge #5 Now!

It feels like our Power BI Challenges was just launched yesterday, but now, we’re on to our 5th challenge! Staying true to tradition, this is yet another exciting challenge that involves a unique data set. This is definitely going to gauge your knowledge and creativity in using Power BI. The challenge is freshly launched, so

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Enterprise DNA’s 2020 At A Glance

Hi everyone! What a year! 2020 hasn’t exactly been easy to handle. Four months into the pandemic and businesses have been closing down. Even big retail stores are declaring bankruptcy. But Enterprise DNA is still here, standing strong. We may have had some down moments, but we bounced right back. That’s because we believe that

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Wrapping Up A Successful 4th Round Of The Power BI Challenge

The results are in and we’ve wrapped up yet another round of our Power BI Challenge! Challenge #4 focused on delivery app data with a unique scenario that not everyone has dealt with before. Knowing that this covers an industry that not all of us have backgrounds in, the quality of the submissions were really

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Fresh New Power BI Showcases For Amazing HR and Customer Insights

3 Fresh Power BI Showcases HR and Customer Insights Enterprise DNA

Enterprise DNA has released a new set of showcases built to show the amazing amount of insights Power BI can deliver. Enterprise DNA Showcase As always, these showcases cover different areas ranging from customer engagement in an email marketing scenario, to HR consultation insights. The demonstrations can be downloaded by members from the Showcases Module

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Announcing The Launch Of Our New Data Nucleus Platform – The Central Hub For Your Cloud-Based Data

One of the most requested pieces of functionality I’ve seen over the last couple of years with Power BI has been for the ability to connect into a range of cloud based applications across the web.  Historically this has been very difficult and that is the core problem we’re trying to solve with the Data Nucleus web based app.  Data Nucleus is the central hub for your

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