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Power Apps Basics: Development Environment And Running Your App

In this tutorial, I’ll go through some Power Apps basics and walk you through how the development environment looks like and how you can start running your app. Power Apps is such a great tool that’s built for everyone. Whether you have coding experience or not, you can actually make a huge impact on your

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Geospatial Analysis – New Course on Enterprise DNA

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’re launching a new course called Geospatial Analysis in Power BI. This is discussed by Paul Lucassen, one of our Enterprise DNA experts and is the first of two parts. One thing that really excites us is the fact that Paul, who founded Netherlands-based company Lucassen Consulting, has been

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New Course Release – Advanced Data Transformations & Modeling

Power BI Advanced Data Transformations & Modeling Online Course

You can view details around the new course here – Advanced Data Transformations and Modeling Exciting times here at Enterprise DNA as I’m releasing yet another course into Enterprise DNA Online. The Advanced Data Transformations and Modeling course has been a work in progress for some time as I wanted to make sure that I

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