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DAX Formulas Clean Up Tool: Some Updates To Logic

DAX Formulas Clean Up Tool

For today’s post, I want to do a quick overview of our DAX cleanup tool and how you can use it to format your formulas. This epic tool will solve a lot of formatting issues inside of your Power BI models. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this

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Our Series Of Power BI Challenges Continues With Great Success

Our second challenge was just released again with great success. Its purpose was to identify Customer Insights that can help your sales team and eventually your business’s growth. The second challenge attracted an even greater number of participants including professionals from a variety of industries. The process was similar to the first challenge, meaning we

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Introducing Power BI Challenges by Enterprise DNA

This week we are starting up an exciting initiative at Enterprise DNA.   We wanted to create a way for Power BI users to showcase their development skills, so we’ve come up with the idea of Power BI Challenges. Each Power BI Challenge will be held over two weeks. Objective is to develop a Power BI report based on a data scenario which

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Enterprise DNA Team Ecosystems Rollout

Today, we are re-launching the Enterprise DNA Ecosystems. But this month we are doing it slightly differently.  The Ecosystems is a way for all of those connected through our membership platform to connect with each other and collaborate around scenarios similar to your industries or job roles.  Last time around, we saw some great connections formed and some interesting discussions around similar data scenarios and

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