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Brand New Refreshed Content For The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Power BI 

We’ve been making a lot of updates to our content, resources and applications at Enterprise DNA.  Today, I can announce that we have refreshed all of the content within our Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI course module.  This is our most popular course throughout all of Enterprise DNA Online, our education portal. This is mainly due to the fact that it is completely free.  Nothing has changed there, it’s still

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Updated Mastering DAX Calculations Course Now Officially Launched

We have now officially launched our updates to the Mastering DAX Calculations course at Enterprise DNA Online. This is an exciting release for us with a complete and thorough refresh of all of our DAX content.  This course is perfect not just for anyone starting out with Power BI, but even with intermediate to advanced users, as there is plenty of new and interesting ideas

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Brand New Mastering DAX Calculations Course To Be Released Before End Of Year

This is a short note to notify you that we are currently completing some final edits and updates for the Mastering DAX Calculations course at Enterprise DNA Online.  This course module has been completely renewed and updated with a whole new set of video tutorials focused on the DAX formula language.  The complete re-done course

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Course Completion Certificates Now Available At Enterprise DNA Online

The Enterprise DNA Team has been working hard to deliver a brand-new certificate offering for those working through our education content at Enterprise DNA Online.  We now have the ability to create and issue course module completion certificates on any course that you might work through at the online education portal.  Check out below how we’ve created these certificates, and how they would look like

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Announcement – Enterprise DNA Referral Program

Announcement - Enterprise DNA Referral Program

Welcome to the Enterprise DNA Referral Program! Most of you are probably aware already of why I started Enterprise DNA. But for the benefit of those who are new to my blog, let me reshare my purpose for launching this platform. Historically I have been in the finance world and reporting and analytics was always

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