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Upcoming Course: Basics Of R For Power BI Users (Part 1)

R is a useful programming language that you can use alongside Power BI. Despite its efficiency, a lot of people are thrown off when they find out that the use of R means that they have to do some coding. But with this course about the basics of R, you’ll find that it might be

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Power Apps Environment Setup: Connect To OneDrive & Google Drive


In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to set up your Power Apps environment by connecting two of the most common data sources – OneDrive and Google Drive. Power Apps is a tool that allows you to build apps the fastest way possible. It’s built for efficiency and simplicity, streamlining the app-building process through

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Power Apps Introduction: Definition, Features, Functions And Importance


Microsoft Power Apps has quickly become a must-have tool not just for seasoned app creators, but for beginners who want to dabble in app creation as well. In this Power Apps introduction, I’m going to talk to you about what Power Apps is all about so that you can have a good idea as to

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Power Apps Basics: Development Environment And Running Your App

In this tutorial, I’ll go through some Power Apps basics and walk you through how the development environment looks like and how you can start running your app. Power Apps is such a great tool that’s built for everyone. Whether you have coding experience or not, you can actually make a huge impact on your

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Power Query/M Masterclass #1 – New Course on Enterprise DNA

We’re ending June with a bang by introducing a new course on the Enterprise DNA Education Platform — the 1st of many installments of the Power Query/M Masterclass. Those who will sign up for this course is in for a real treat because Enterprise DNA Expert Melissa de Korte will be hosting this class. Those

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