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Tabular Editor 3: Beginner to Advanced – the Tenth New Course on Enterprise DNA’s Educational Platform in 2021

I frequently get asked the question, “ how do I quickly improve my DAX skills?”  My answer always is some form of this – “there are no shortcuts, but with dedicated study and structured deliberate practice, using the resources available to you as an Enterprise DNA member, such as the eDNA Data Challenges, Power BI Accelerator, and the forum, you can make

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Power BI Showcase – New Set Of Emergency Services Analytics

Last week, we released a set of showcases straight from the submissions from Power BI Challenge #14 about Emergency Services Analytics. This time, we’ve uploaded yet another set of reports with the same topic to the Power BI Showcase made by our Enterprise DNA Experts. The Power BI Showcase is a collection of reports and

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Power BI Challenge 14 Wrap Up: Emergency Services Analytics

We’ve wrapped up yet another exciting round of the Power BI Challenge, which tackles emergency services analytics. The 14th of our challenges, this has produced quite a number of amazing submissions. Power BI Challenges The Power BI Challenge happens once a month. Since the first challenge last year, we’ve proven that Power BI is indeed

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